How to Prevent Back Pain while on Vacation.

Summer is here and that means outdoor fun and possibly travel. The following suggestions will help maximize your enjoyment while minimizing discomfort associated with car travel. Adjust the seat so you are as close to the steering wheel as comfortably possible. Your knees should be slightly higher than your hips. Use your car’s lumbar support to gently support your low back. If your vehicle doesn’t have a built in support, try rolling up a small towel, or ask us about after-market models. We stock several inexpensive lumbar cushions that could make your trips more comfortable. Take frequent rest breaks. A short, brisk walk and some gentle stretching every 60-90 minutes will loosen tight muscles, help get blood flowing again and mentally refresh you for the next leg of your journey. Make sure that your headrest is always properly adjusted. Almost ½ of car occupants who are hit from behind suffer permanent damage and symptoms. Much of this could be prevented by making sure that the top of your headrest is adjusted to the top of your skull. If you are planning a trip, why not call us today to schedule a “pre-trip, tune-up”? Finding and fixing minor spinal misalignments now can help insure a happy, pain-free vacation.

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